About Us


Bossuyt Brothers is a fourth generation family farm located in Oak Bluff, Manitoba, which is south-west of Winnipeg.  The farm is currently owned and operated by brothers Corey and Brad.  The Bossuyt farm has always been innovative and progressive.  As such, we were the first to own a registered dairy herd in Manitoba, the first to deliver farm fresh milk door to door, and first to employ powered milking machines.  We continue to pioneer new ideas and improve our business.

In 1984 the farm faced a decision to expand and modernize or to change our operation.  With the close proximity of the city, we felt that managing a dairy herd would be increasingly difficult.  The decision was to divest the dairy operation and expand the grain operation.  To date, our farm incorporates the most current practical farming methods to ensure the most efficient crop production, while minimizing our environmental impact.

As the city continues to grow we find ourselves serving the needs of our urban neighbours.  The company C. A. Bossuyt was created to separate the agriculture business from commercial business.  Some examples of our commercial business include metal and plastic fabrication and a potable water supply service.

With nearly 40 years of experience clearing snow, we understand the need to maintain clear roadways, parking areas and sidewalks.  Maintaining our commitment to the environment, Bossuyt Brothers view Beet 55 to be a significant step forward in the battle to provide safe travel surfaces.