Anti-Icer Information

Our Anti-Icing Products

Beet-55 is a sugar beet-based anti-icing product that is chloride-free and improves and accelerates the action of the other melting agents such as road salt, salt brine, etc. Beet 55 is brown in color with a slightly sweet odour and is environmentally friendly, all natural and renewable resource that is derived from sugar beets during the sugar making process. Beet 55 is effective to minus 30 degrees.

Isoway and Isomex are clear and odourless anti-icing products. Isoway is effective to minus 30 and Isomex is effective to minus 50.

Application Methods

Beet-55 product can be used in a variety of applications.

Several of the most common application methods including:

  • used as a straight liquid,
  • mixed with sand for anti-freeze in piles,
  • mixed with salt for anti-caking,
  • and pre-wetting sand and salt at the spinner on the trucks.

Cost Savings

There are significantly reduced costs as a result of fewer applications required thus savings on labour, maintenance and lower material costs (less salt used), as well as:

  • Reduced corrosion on equipment as less salt is used,
  • Lower bounce and scatter,
  • A Proven Residual effect,
  • Lower effective temperatures (-34C with salt brine),
  • Helps reduce crusting and piling.

Benefits of Beet-55

When Beet-55 is mixed with the melting product/agent such as salt brine, road salt results in outstanding features and benefits as shown below:

  • Melting at lower (colder) temperatures,
  • Faster melting,
  • Effective for a longer period of time (residual effect),
  • Combination of anti-icer and melting agent is more effective thus allows reduced application rates,
  • Environmentally beneficial as it reduces the number of harmful chlorides entering the environment and doesn’t harm vegetation,
  • 100% organic and renewable resource,
  • Does not attract animals,
  • Does not promote bacterial growth,
  • Does not cause corrosion on vehicles.

Are you having trouble picturing how liquid (wet) anti-icers work? Below is a video from the Government of Ontario on the benefits of beet-based de-icers and their methods of using it. They have recently explored different applications and have run many trials using beet-based anti-icers.