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Beet 55 – liquid Organic Accelerator

Liquid Handling Solutions

Polywest Dealer for Manitoba


Lawn Care

For thicker, greener lawns


Top Krop and Kugler Provider for Southern Manitoba


A Sustainable Solution

BEET 55™ is a natural agricultural product that features snow and ice control performance superior to traditional brines.  Plus, it’s 75 percent less corrosive, while boosting the performance of other brines.


A Sweeter Solution

Lawn Care Solutions

 For thicker, greener lawns, use Humic Acid with Fulvic Acid to boost root strength, plant density and overall turf health.


Top Crop™

Fertilizer Solutions


Improving your soil & plant health, the Top Krop program include Kugler, Black Earth, AdvancedAg, and TK-10.



Liquid Handling Solution


As a dealer for Polywest, we can provide products to suit all your liquid handling requirements, and with our years of liquid handling experience we can help you develop a solution that works.



Road Safety Solution


Providing a variety of driver training, including Manitoba
Public Insurance MELT, Super-B training, and Class 3 driver

Contact us for information on Federal Government funding
to cover training costs and wages.


What’s Happening

Yuck!  Parking Lot Disaster

Yuck!  Parking Lot Disaster

This sight is far too familiar.  Snow starts to accumulate and compact on parking lots, and it becomes very difficult for the tractors to scrape...

Unsafe Winter Roads

Unsafe Winter Roads

With record high snowfall this winter, city snowplows have a difficult time keeping roadways clear.  Compacted snow and ice ridges develop, which...

Too Much Sand to Cleanup

Too Much Sand to Cleanup

As the spring sun starts brightening and warming our days, we are left with winter’s ugly stain, a thick blanket of sand over everything and a fog...

Save money and the enviroment


We share the environment with each other, and have to pass it down to our future generations. If we open our minds and participate in positive environmental changes, we can do our part to pass on a healthier future.

 “The proper use of science is not to conquer nature but to live in it.”

- Barry Commoner

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