Unsafe Winter Roads

March 16, 2022

With record high snowfall this winter, city snowplows have a difficult time keeping roadways clear.  Compacted snow and ice ridges develop, which makes it challenging to change lanes without loosing control of your vehicle.  Intersections become bumpy skating rinks that nobody enjoys.

Applying Beet 55, liquid organic anti-icing solution, to the roadways prior to snowfall will prevent the snow from bonding to the road surface and allow for easy clearing, even if the snow gets compacted. 

Adding a little Beet 55 to the sand, will make it stick to the roadways, rather than bounce off to the gutters and boulevards, and the residual will help melt the snow and prevent additional snow from bonding to the road surface.

Overall, Beet 55 will help keep clear and safe roads.

Beet 55 does not damage or stain vehicles.  In fact, Beet 55 is a corrosion inhibitor, and it simply washes away with water.


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