Yuck!  Parking Lot Disaster

March 16, 2022

This sight is far too familiar.  Snow starts to accumulate and compact on parking lots, and it becomes very difficult for the tractors to scrape down to the asphalt or concrete.  So why not spread excessive amounts of sand and salt to make things worst.  Yuck!

This could have been avoided if Beet 55 was applied to the parking lot prior to the snowfall.  Beet 55 prevents snow from bonding to solid surfaces, and allows for easy snow removal, even if the snow has been compacted.  This saves time, money, and infrastructure.

Beet 55 is a renewable organic product that is environmentally safe.  It doesn’t stain or damage metal, concrete, automobiles, or vegetation.

For more information on how Beet 55 can save you money and give your customers a clean parking lot, contact us at BracorEnvironmental.ca

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