Bracor Environmental is the exclusive provider of The Kugler Company top crop fertilizer products for southern Manitoba. Kugler is the leading provide of slow release nitrogen fertilizer (with potassium and sulfur).

Download this presentation to learn more about Kugler and crop yield for 2014.

Here is an informative presentation on Foliar Application by Kugler.

Fertilizer products we distribute:

KQ-XRN 28-0-0 (72%SRN)
KQ-XRN 2530 25-0-0 (30% SRN)
XRN Technology  
KS-1515 15-5-2 (40% SRN)
KS-2075 20-0-7.5-5s (72% SRN)
KS-1022 10-20-2 (30% SRN)
KS-7030 31-0-0 (20% SRN)
Low Salt Starters  
LS-924 9-24-3
LS-624 6-24-6
LS-918LS-318 31-0-0 (20% SRN)
Micros & Amendments  
MicroMax 0.5 CU-1.0 FE-2.0 MN-2.0 ZN-.025B
KH-2412 12% Humic Acid
FA-20 20% Fulvic
ATS 12-0-0-26s
KQ-2517 0-0-25-17s